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Quran, the book of Allah, holds wonders. It never fails to amaze and impress. Muslims as well as non-Muslims are equally struck by its awe.

There is a story that needs to be told when wonders of Quran become your topic.Do you know there is a term called Bucailleism? It is used to describe a movement that relates modern science with religion in general, but Islam in particular. It tries to find links between Quran and Sciences, reinforcing the fact that Quran is the Book of Allah SWT, and Islam is the true religion of AllahSWT.

This movement has been named after Dr. Maurice Bucaille. He was  French by origin, and was a doctor by profession. He had specialized in gastroenterology. He was member of the French Society of Egyptology. He was a Roman Catholic.It was well known that he often criticized Islam and Quran. As Allah SWT had decreed, he was appointed as the family physician to the King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

One day as he was chatting with King Faisal, he criticized on Quran as usual. King Faisal smiled, and asked him gently if he had read, or gone through Quran. The doctor said that he had read several different translations of Quran, and had found them to be more or less the same. King Faisal gave him his legendry reply:

“Then you have not read Quran at all.”

King Faisal explained that in order to know what Quran has to say, you have to read it in the language it was sent in; ARABIC! And not just the Quranic Arabic, but the entire Classical Arabic, so that you can completely know the context of any given Ayah.

The doctor took up the challenge, and started learning Arabic. It took him almost two years. By the end he was finished, he had accepted Islam, and given shahadah that Quran truly was a divine book. He authored several books in French that related various Quranic verses with latest scientific research.


This is just one of the stories that are spread all around us. What does this story teach us? It shows that we can only get the real message of Allah if we learn the language of Quran,that is Arabic. If Non-Muslims can be so inspired, so driven to learn Arabic, what would be our excuse as Muslims for neglecting this enormous responsibility on the Day of Judgment? No translation can match the essence that Quran holds for us. Why? Because it brings a third person between Allah SWT and us!Quran directly talks to us. It conveys us the true message of Allah SWT. But we really need to know the language to decipher the message.

Alhumdulillah, learning Arabic has been made easy with the advancement of technology. Books, apps, schools, mosques, Islamic centres, teachers! You can choose any medium. There is one easier method, too. Learning Quran online, and learning Arabic online! Today, several online institutes are available that teach Quran online. They also teach Arabic online, so that you can master the language of Quran while sitting comfortably in your homes. Online Quran teachers help you achieve your goals. They may look like worldly goals, but in truth, they are goals for your Akhirah. How can you be successful in Aakhira if you do not completely understand what Allah SWT Has directly sent for you? How can you be successful in Aakhirah if you do not understand entirely what our Prophet SAW has left for us in the form of Hadith, and Sunnah? So, Online Quran teachers can help us in trying to achieve success in the hereafter, and betterment of this world, too. You might ask how the betterment of this world is related to learning Arabic? Because when we learn Arabic online, or by traditional means, we get to understand the complete message of Allah SWT, in the form of Quran, and Hadith. It shows us the proper way to spend our lives in this world. By following that particular way, we can ensure that life goes smoothly in this world as well as in the hereafter for us, too, in sha Allah.


Online Quran teacher have a few qualities that not all traditional Quran teachers can boast of. They are well qualified. They have been well trained. They are well experienced. Online Quran teacher know how to give proper attention to each student, if the students have enrolled in a group class, or family class. Online Quran teacher also know how to teach each student individually, should the student prefer to have private sessions. Online Quran teacher not only help in teaching students how to read Quran with proper Tajweed, they also help in memorizing Quran. Last, but not the least, they can teach you Arabic, the language of Quran, so that you can know for yourself what message Quran holds for you. On a single glance you may take Quran to be a set of instructions, and stories of old nations. But in actuality, it is actually Allah SWT directly conversing with you. It holds the solution of your every problem. So, let’s not delay it any further, and start learning Arabic. For this world, and hereafter!