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Islam is not just a religion, but is an entire life system. It provides us with complete instructions on how to spend our lives in the best possible manner, so that it brings success for us in this world and in the hereafter, too.

Like all previous religion, Islam laid great stress on the rights of parents, but Islam took it to the next level. It has been mentioned in Quran:


“And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], "uff," and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word.

And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, "My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small." [1]

          These verses show that we need to be so gentle, so caring and so polite that we cannot even utter words of displeasure in the presence of our parents. We have to obey our parents at all times, except when their order clashes with the commands of Allah SWT; only then we are allowed to disobey them. It has been stressed to be considerate to your parents, even if they are non-Muslims. At various other points in Quran, it has been commanded to be kind to our parents and to show respect to them. Several hadith also show the true place of our parents in our lives, and to behave gently and kindly towards them. One hadith of Sahih Bukhari shows that the status of mother is three times more than father. [2] It is because the mother faces physical, mental, and emotional stress during pregnancy, childbirth and in raising kids.

Here are some of the points we need to keep in mind if we really wish to follow the true commandments of Islam:

Things you need to do when your parents are alive:

1.     Obeying your parents at all times except when they are forcing you to go against the teachings of Islam.

2.     Being polite and respectful to your parents at all times. We have been forbidden to show our displeasure rudely in the presence of our parents.

3.     Being kind and gentle towards your parents; especially when they grow old.

4.     Taking good care of them; especially when they are too old to take care of themselves.

5.     Taking care of all their needs like food, clothes and health.

6.     Spending time with them so that they do not feel lonely


Things you need to do when your parents are not alive:

1.     Offering their janazah prayer

2.     Making dua for their maghfirah(forgiveness)

3.     Fulfilling all the promises your parents had made in their life time

4.     Maintaining the ties of kinship because of your parents

5.     Respecting and taking care of your parents’ friends, even after your parents’ death

6.     Completing the fasts that your parents had missed

7.     Spending money for sadaqah in your parents’ name

8.     Building  a mosque, a water  well, or something similar as sadaqah jaria in your parents’ name

9.     Paying off their debts

The importance of doing good to your parents can be seen by the fact that many times it has been mentioned to do good to your parents just after the command of establishing prayers in Quran. This shows that it is as essential to do good to your parents as it is to establish your prayers, or establishing Salah. This also shows that we really need to know Quran inside out to understand what Allah SWT wishes us to do. Taking Online Quran classes is just one of the many ways you can choose to understand Quran. By choosing online Quran classes, you can, not only learn to read Quran properly, with correct tajweed rules, you can also learn to understand Quran. Most online Quran institutes offer learn Arabic classes, too. If you opt to learn Arabic online, through a well reputed online Quran institute, doors of wisdom would be flung open to you. By learning Quran online, and by learning Arabic online, you can understand the orders that had been sent for the entire mankind, more than 1400 years ago. Only by understanding Quran, we can make our life a purposeful one. It is essential for the betterment of both worlds.

Online Quran teacher have an edge above the traditional Quran teachers. Online Quran teacher are not only well qualified and well trained, they are well experienced, too. Online Quran teacher know how to deal with each student, individually, or in a class. Online Quran classes offer you choices, too. You can take private Quran lessons with a private Quran teacher, if you prefer, or get yourself enrolled in a class. You can also take up a family class; that is more convenient and more economical in some cases. Online Quran classes also help us to save time, effort and money.The time you would have spent in commuting, in case of traditional classes, is saved. You can fit in your online Quran classes in your busy schedule according to your preference. So, if you are a stay at home mother of a small child, or a busy executive, online Quran classes can be an easy answer for the betterment of your both worlds.



[1] Chapter Bani Israel 17: Verse 23-24

[2] Narrated by Sahih Bukhari: Hadith 5971