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"Arrogance" or "Pride" has been mentioned in Quran several times, having several different shades of meanings. "Arrogance" itself can be roughly defined as "an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or capabilities". Arrogance can be shown by your words, your body language, and even your attitude.


Arrogance has been clearly disliked by Allah SWT, and arrogant people have been warned of severe punishment, in this world as well as hereafter. Some of the different forms of arrogance are as follows:


1.      Arrogance in Faith: 


Arrogance in faith means denying the divine truth. It means disrespecting the commandments of Allah, choosing not to follow them; Whether completely, or partially. Offering salah not on time or leaving it all together, not paying zakat, or missing fardh fasts without any sharai' excuse, in Ramadan are some examples of arrogance in faith.

Another form of arrogance in faith means that you consider yourself more pious than others; That you believe that only you would be given higher status on the Day of Judgement; that all others are wrong, but only you are right. Your knowledge of the Deen is perfect, but all others, they don't seem to notice the difference between a carrot and a stick.


And when it is said to him, "Fear Allah", he is led by arrogance to crime

So enough for him is Hell, and worst indeed is that place to rest! [1]

2. Arrogance in Attitude:

Arrogance in attitude means considering yourself superior to others; Richness, wisdom, beauty, knowledge, your family, your capabilities; Arrogance in attitude can be on the basis of anything from the list, and much more. It means considering yourself to be the best, wiser than the rest, and thinking of imposing your opinions on others all the time. It means degrading others through your attitude, or body language. It also means that you think you have never sinned, and consider all others as sinners. Another form of arrogance in attitude is that you think that your are better than all others because of your own capabilities, your own strengths; Not because of Allah SWT's Blessings or By Allah's Commands. This form of arrogance is highly dangerous. Qarun, as mentioned in Chapter 28, Al-Qasas in Quran, was guilty of arrogance; in all of its forms.  He was punished severely, and dealt with strictly. All of his family, all of his wealth, along him was swallowed in the ground by the order of Allah SWT.

3. Arrogance in Action:

Arrogance in action means walking or talking in a way that makes you feel above all the rest. It means dressing up in a way to show off. It means being boastful in speech, or actions.


"And turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth. Verily, Allah likes not each arrogant boaster." [2]


This article only highlights that we need to eradicate arrogance from our daily lives. But there is so much more to know. How can we know what Allah SWT Likes or Dislikes? What are His commandments? His requirements? What should we do to avoid arrogance? To avoid all that displeases Allah SWT; and to do all that pleases Allah SWT. We can find that out with the most important, authentic, source of divine knowledge; Quran! By reading Quran, we can become fully aware of our responsibilities as Muslims.


Reading Quran opens a huge world of knowledge for us. If because of any reason, you still haven't acquired the ability to learn Quran, or you are a young learner, you are lucky that you can have Quran lessons online. True, many think that the  only way to learn reading Quran is by going to a teacher from your local mosque, or Islamic centre. But the fast paced life of today, the pressures of job, or studies, along your family might not make it a simple task. You might actually be very happy with the option to learn Quran lessons online.


The option of Quran lessons online comes with various privileges. You can learn to read Quran from the comfort of your home. You don't need to spend too much time in travelling to and fro from your house to your local mosque. This time you save by cutting down commuting, can easily be invested in doing some useful chores, or your long forgotten hobbies.


By taking Quran lessons online, you can have a new experience in learning; by moving at a speed that you desire! If you feel shy, you can learn reading Quran privately, by taking one-on-one lessons with your private tutors. You can also opt for group classes for economical reasons, or for family class, if you wish to save your family from hellfire, too.


If you do not know Arabic, and would like to know what Allah SWT wishes all of us to know, you can either try to go through some of the authentic translations of Quran. However, it would be a much better choice to start learning Arabic to know what Allah SWT Says. Learning Arabic ensures that you can understand what Allah SWT Says directly; no middle men involved. It would definitely become a great combo if you start taking Quran lessons online, along with Arabic classes.

By taking Quran lessons online, you get a chance to learn from the pros. Qualified, well trained, and experienced teachers make your learning experience a great experience.



[1] Chapter 2 Al-Baqarah, Verse 206

[2] Chapter 31, Luqman, Verse :18