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And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” [1]

Allah SWT mentioned in this verse that He Has created all mankind and Jinn, to Worship Him, and to obey Him. Allah SWT sent down Quran as a guideline to spend our lives in this world. Whenever we read Quran, it seems that  Allah SWT Himself is directly talking to us. But what if we fall into some kind of trouble, and want to contact Allah SWT ourselves? How would we be able to do that?

Through Dua!

Dua is a weapon for Muslims. It is our way of contacting Allah SWT and asking for His mercy, help, blessings and forgiveness. It is a form of ibadah, as mentioned in a hadith in SunanAbiDawood. And it is Allah’s blessing for us that He not only hears our duas and supplications, but responds to them as well.

And when My servants ask you, concerning Me- indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me” [2]

Considering dua as worship, and believing it will bring help, mercy, and forgiveness, is a form of support, comfort, and encouragement that every Muslim needs. It soothes and eases your mind when you realize that you are not alone. Allah SWT is always there for. Your dua would be heard, and responded to. Not even a single dua would be left un-responded. According to a hadith, dua is answered in one of the three ways.

1.     By being given the thing that one asked for

2.     By being stored for the akhira, where it would be returned many times fold

3.     By being atoned for the wrong actions by your dua

Several ahadith tell us the times during which a dua is never rejected. Some of them are:

1.     The time between Azan and Iqamah

2.     One unidentified moment on Friday. That is why it is recommended to make lots of dua on Friday.

3.     The dua of the traveller, of a person who has been wronged, and of a father for his child is not rejected, according to a hadith in IbnMajah

4.     Dua made while drinking Zamzam

5.     Dua made while it’s raining

6.     Dua made on the day of Arafah

7.     Dua made at the time of Sahoor

8.     Dua made while prostrating

9.     Dua made at the time of Tahajjud (optional prayer at night)

10.                        Dua made after the recitation of Quran

One way to ensure that our duas would be heard and responded to promptly, is to ensureusing the duas mentioned in Quran and ahadith that our Prophet (SAW) taught us, while making dua. What better way to present our problems in words that our Prophet (SAW) and prophets before him used, and Allah SWT responded to their duas!

It is only wise to make your dua in a way that Allah SWT wishes us to. The most important aspect of making dua is to ask from Allah SWT Alone. Do not make dua to any person, any prophet at all. Make dua with sincere intention and with good faith, believing that it would be heard, and responded to. Before making dua, remember to glorify and praise Allah SWT, and recite Darood before and after making the dua. Ask for forgiveness for your sins before asking anything else. Thanking for all the blessings of Allah SWT also helps in increasing the blessings of Allah SWT as mentioned in a hadith. Allah SWT Knows all your worries, all your problems, but He likes us to ask from Him, to make dua to Him.

A good way to present all your worries to Allah SWT is to try to memorize all duas mentioned in Quran and hadith, and make dua in the words of prophets. To memorize all Quranic supplications, it is better to seek help of a Quran teacher. Online Quran teacher can help you in memorizing the Quran as much as you wish, and the duas mentioned in Quran. Online Quran teacher can not only help you in memorizing Quran, but also help you in understanding the Quran. Online Arabic teacher can assist you in learning Arabic language so you can understand Quran better. Online Quran lessons are one easy way in coming closer to Allah SWT, without much hassle. These online Quran lessons not only help you correct your tajweed (the proper way of reciting Quran), but also help in making reading Quran daily a habit for you. You can choose to have private Quran tutor for yourself, or get yourself enrolled in an online Quran class. Getting your whole family enrolled for a family class is a more economical way to learn Quran online. Whether you are just starting and would like to enroll in Quran reading lessons, or are looking to improve your tajweed, and Quran reading skills, you have a variety of classes to choose from, and that is what makes online Quran lessons more appealing than traditional means of learning Quran.

Online Quran lessons are a better choice because they allow you to study Quran in your own home, at your own pace, and help you in saving time and effort. The time spent in commuting, the money spent in fuel consumption, in the case of traditional Quran learning class at your area’s mosque or Islamic center, is all saved if you choose Online Quran classes.


[1] Chapter 51, Ad-Dhariyat: Verse 57

[2] Chapter 2, Al-Baqarah: Verse 186