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Quran, the book of wisdom, is full of examples, parables, and stories of past nations for explanatory purposes, and for teaching us how to live according to Allah’s commands. The language used in Quran, has layers of meanings and lessons for us to understand, learn, and implement in our daily lives, if we indeed are seeking Allah’s Pleasure.

The story of two gardens is mentioned in chapter 18: Al Kahf, verses 32-43.

Once there were two men. Each of them owned a garden. Both gardens were bordered with palm trees, and a river ran across them. The gardens were not only a sight of beauty, but brought abundance of fruit as well.

Although the gardens looked almost the same, yet both owners had a very different nature from each other. One was a God fearing, humble person, while they other was an arrogant, proud person.

As they both were in the garden one day, talking to each other, the proud man said to his friend.

“I have more wealth than you. I have more slaves than you. (The number of slaves one had, was a status symbol at that time) I don’t think my fortune would ever end. I think that there would be no Day of Judgement.(This sounds so familiar at the present times, when most of us are spending their lives according to the YOLO theology; enjoying the life, without thinking of preparing for the Day of Judgement) And if it really were to come, I am sure that because of my status in this world, I would be given a similar status in the other world, too.”

The God fearing man was astonished at his words.

“Have you forgotten Allah SWT, your Creator?” he asked, “The Only One who created you from dust, and a sperm drop, and made you into a human being! (You might have forgotten Him) but I would never forget Him being my Creator and my Lord! When you entered your garden and saw all the Blessings of Allah SWT that He has bestowed on you, you should have thanked Allah SWT for His Blessings by saying: Masha Allah La QuwwataillaBillah

Which means: 'What Allah willed [has occurred]; there is no power except in Allah!”

“It is true that I have less wealth than you, and I have fewer children than you (The number of children, particularly sons was a symbol of status, too) But I have faith in Allah SWT. It may be that Allah SWT can replace my garden with a much better garden than yours. Or your garden can be struck with some calamity and is reduced to dust; Anything is possible for Allah SWT and we all should believe in His power.”

But the proud man paid no heed. Allah SWT did send His wrath on the garden and when he entered his garden, there was nothing left. The trellises had all collapsed, ruining all the fruit. He lost all his money that he had invested on his garden. At that moment, he realized that this calamity had only struck him because of his attitude, because of his defiance towards Allah SWT. He regretted over his attitude, but there was nothing he could do about it then.

What does this story teach us? Several lessons!

1.     We should always remember that our Creator and Lord is Allah SWT alone. This makes us humble in a sense because we realize that we are nothing on our own, but makes us strong, too. Because we realize that we don’t have to look towards other people like us for fulfilling our needs. Allah SWT alone is sufficient to provide for us.

2.     We need to use this life to prepare for our Hereafter, not just waste it in enjoying wordly affairs.

3.     Our wealth, status, children none would be able to save us on the day of Judgement from hell fire, but only our good deeds.

4.     We should try to understand, and follow if there is a need, when given some useful advice, or guidance. Being heedless only hurts ourselves.

5.     Saying Masha Allah la Quwwataillabillahwhen we see our blessings is a way to accept Allah’s  SWT Supremacy and a way to safeguard from evil eye.

6.     When struck by a calamity, always try to judge if it is a test of your patience, or a warning for any sins you might have committed. If you think you have sinned, sincere repentance is the answer to your problems.


Just s few verses and so many lessons to learn! Actually, these are just a few lessons. Quran is a book that teaches you something new every time you go through it. That is why you never get tired of reading Quran again and again. To make most out of it, we should consider befriending it. And what better way to befriend it than to learn it completely with a teacher.

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