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There could be many reasons on why you decide to learn a new language. The more the reasons, the more convince you are of your decision. You need full conviction before you even attempt to learn a new language. Learning a new language is never easy, if you are not fully convinced. May be you have been posted somewhere, and need to learn a foreign language to get along the locals easily. Or maybe, your company needs you to learn a new language so that you could interact easily with potential clients.


Learning Arabic is a choice that not many people take; However, they really should. Here are some of the reasons why you should make time to learn Arabic. 


1. Allah SWT Mentions in Quran: 


"Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran in order that you may understand" [1]   


Arabic is the language of Quran. If you do not know Arabic, chances are that you read a translation to understand what actually Allah SWT Wants to tell you. But, in reading a translation, you have involved a third person, and you actually are being influenced by his words and his thinking, too. So, in order to understand the Word of Allah, as the true word of Allah alone, as a Muslim, it is essential for us to try to learn Arabic. In the above ayah, we can see that Allah Wants us to understand Quran in Arabic, not just through its translation. Please remember, there is nothing wrong in reading, and understanding Quran with the help of a reputable translation. However, it is much more better, much more commendable to understand Quran, by learning Arabic. That way, you may even get a feel that Allah SWT is directly talking to you. Let us learn Arabic to be close to Allah SWT. Interestingly, Arabic would be the language of Jannah.


2. Without learning Arabic, you would not get an idea of the Arabic culture. A vibrant, diverse culture which we really need to know to understand why a number of instructions came down in Islam in different times.


3. Higher degrees in Islamic education are mostly offered in Arabic. In order to attain that education, you really need to learn Arabic first.


4. More than 400 million people speak Arabic. Arabic is included in the top six most widely spoken languages. Arabic is the native language  of Middle East, and is widely spoken in  some countries of Africa. Knowing Arabic will give you an edge, making travelling, receiving education very easy for you.


5. The major chunk of Islamic literature is in Arabic. Books of Hadith, explanations of Hadith, Islamic History, Islamic medicine; the list goes on and one. By learning Arabic, you will instantly gain access to a huge sea of knowledge.


6. Urdu, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, English; all have several words, the origin of which is Arabic. By venturing to learn Arabic, you can start understanding quite a part of all these languages.


7. These days, knowing Arabic can land you a better job, too, as the markets are expanding, and several companies want expansion in Middle East, and what better choice than to appoint an Arabic speaking manager?


8. Arabic is a comprehensive language. For each word, Arabic has several words for different shades of meaning. For example, Arabic has more than 50 words for the word "Camel"! Learning Arabic can give a new perspective to your thinking.



Even if you put away all other reasons, the reasons associated with understanding Quran, and Islam's commands, are enough for us to start thinking about learning Arabic as soon as possible.


It is really difficult to learn Arabic all by yourself, or by reading books alone. You really need to find a good teacher, who can, not only help you in learning Arabic at your own pace, but also inculcate the love of the language in you. These days, many schools and universities offer courses in Arabic. You can try enrolling in them.


 You can also learn Arabic from a teacher in your Mosque or Islamic centre.  However, if you are having trouble in finding a good, qualified teacher, or having difficulty in adjusting learning Arabic into your hectic schedule, worry no more. You can now easily avail the facilities of a well qualified, trained Arabic teacher, who can teach you online.


Online teaching is a life savior in many ways. You can fit an online class into your hectic schedule easily. You can learn at your own pace, and there would be no need to be intimidated by others' pace, or performance. True, a healthy competition helps you in achieving more, but sometimes it can cause unduly stress, too. So you might find it better to have private classes with an Online Arabic teacher. Online classes save you time that you might have spent in commuting. And another advantage of Online Arabic classes is that you can learn Arabic together as a family. You can assist your children in getting ahead in understanding their deen by making sure that they learn Arabic, too. Either you can enrol them in online Arabic classes for children, or you can take a class as a family to learn with your family. Online classes are quite cheaper than most traditional classes. So, learning Arabic won't cause a blow to your budget, too.


There is one essential thing that you need to do, if you are looking to enrol in any online class for Arabic; Choose your institution carefully. Choose an online institution that hires only the qualified, well trained teachers. Native teachers is another plus point.

Learning Arabic would definitely help us in knowing Quran and our deen in a much better way. It might also help us grow close to Allah SWT. May Allah make it easy for us, and make us steadfast on our deen. Ameen.




[1] Chapter 12: Yusuf, Verse: 2